Josette and Robert Kreider

Josette and Bill Clinton

Josette and Chuck Berry

John Sykes

Josette and Dan Aykroyd

Josette and Tony Levin

Josette and Trent Reznor


Nico and Trent Reznor

Nico and Tony Levin

Christopher Guest 'Nigel'
from Spinal Tap!!

Josette and Randy Jackson
taken 2/9/07

Simon Kirke and Nico
out by the pool

Nico on stage with Simon Kirke

Simon Kirke

Simon Kirke

Joey Ramone

New Jersey ex-Governor
Jim Mcgreevey


Mark Slaughter

Michael Lardie of Great White

Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister

Peter Tork from The Monkees

Spencer Davis

Adrian Belew

Tommy Thayer from KISS

Adrian Slick


Joe Elliott
Def Leppard

Rick 'Sav' Savage
Def Leppard

Vivian Campbell
Def Leppard

Tim Bogart

Bobby Rondinelli

Joan Jett's drummer


Carmine Appice & Jimmy Kunes

Robert Plant


John Sykes

Josette & Jason Bonham

Josette & John Paul Jones

Nico and Jimmy Page

Josette & Jason Bonham

Nico & Diamanda Galas

Nico & King Crimson's
Robert Fripp

Nico & Jason Bonham

Deep Purple's Ian Gillan

Tony Catania

Pictures from Tony Levin's show

Larry Fast

Josette and Tony Levin

Jerry Marotta

Tim Bogart

Tim Bogart

Carmine Appice

Ricky Byrd

Ricky Byrd

Carmine Appice

Josette & Terry Reid

at the Terry Reid show

Josette & Terry Reid

Todd Sucherman
(Styx drummer)

Lawrence Gowan
(Styx keyboard / vocals)

Frank Melfi

Mick Jones


Jason Bonham

Bobby Rondinelli
(Blue Öyster Cult)

Deep Purple's
Jon Lord

Nico & Neil Smith
from Alice Cooper

John Udan
(The Yardbirds frontman/bassist)

John Udan

Steven Van Zandt
(member of the Bruce Springsteen Band
Steven plays Silvio Dante on The Sopranos)

Steve Derpy

Billy Boy Miskimmin
(The Yardbirds - harmonica, percussion)

Billy Boy

Billy Squier

Edgar Winter
Nico & Jeff Beck

Peter Murphy

Josette & Revlon CEO, Jack Stahl

Nico & Jeff Beck

Backstage at Deep Purple

View from Backstage

Jonathan Cain

Ross Valory

Neal Schon


David Draiman

Bad Company's
Simon Kirk

Jon Crosby of V.A.S.T.
(Visual Audio Sensory Theater)

John5 from Marilyn Manson



Simon Labon of Duran Duran

Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes

Danny and Manson

Danny from Biohazard

Josette & Joe Barbara

Nico & Type-O's Peter Steel

Amir Derakh from Orgy

Ryan Shuck from Orgy

Nico & Paige Haley, Bobby Hewitt from Orgy

Jay Gordon from Orgy

Nico & Pauly Shore

Nico and the weed guy

Josette and Crackhead Bob
from the Howard Stern show

Josette & Grandpa Munster

Josette and her love, Bootsie

J.J. Jackson and Nico

Jim Bruer from SNL

Billy Squier

Nico & Vanilla Ice

Pakelika from Kottonmouth Kings

Nico & Rob Zombie

Nico & Vanilla Ice

Sam from Nine Black Alps

James from Nine Black Alps

Mick Thompson from Slipknot

Nico & Joey Jordison from Slipknot

Nico & Gwar

Josette and Mike Mclaughlin

Josette & Cookie

Marky Ramone

Nico & The Rock


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