A little about me…

As you already know my name is Nico, I attended my first concert at 8 years old, it was the Rolling Stones =). For as long as I can remember music has been a huge interest of mine. I watched MTV when they actually played music videos.
I majored in English in University and have been writing various poetry, stories, and reviews from the time I was able to put a pen to paper.

Normally I am shy around people that I am not completely familiar or comfortable with at least until I get to know them a bit, or have a few drinks (yes, I learned early on that the fastest way to overcome my shyness was to have a drink or two {or 6} to relax a bit) and even then I still may stumble over my words or randomly giggle (The latter is something that has plagued me since childhood) more because I actually value my company’s opinion of me than anything else. (My nerves still get the better of me at times) Ironically when alcohol is added I have nerves of steel.

….If you’d like to know something… just ask!